Who We Are

Our club prides itself on its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and the unique mix of students and community members that call Wolfville Toastmasters home keep meetings fresh and exciting.

Club Officers for the year July 2018 to June 2019

President: Jared Jordan
Email: president@wolfvilletoastmasters.com

Vice President Education: Rhea Hamlin & Janet Smith
Email: vp.education@wolfvilletoastmasters.com

Vice President Membership: Rajeev Chowdhury
Email: vp.membership@wolfvilletoastmasters.com

Vice President Public Relations: Jenn Smart
Email: vp.public.relations@wolfvilletoastmasters.com

Secretary: Ed MacKinley
Email: secretary@wolfvilletoastmasters.com

Treasurer: Darryl Pike
Email: treasurer@wolfvilletoastmasters.com

Sergeant at Arms: Sarah & Adrien
Email: sgt.at.arms@wolfvilletoastmasters.com

Immediate Past President: Rhea Hamlin
Email: past.president@wolfvilletoastmasters.com

To contact club officers, please reach out to a specific officer directly or to the club via info@wolfvilletoastmasters.com