June Newsletter

Executive Elections
On May 15th we held our Executive Election which introduced new club members to the Executive Committee and new roles for existing Executive Committee members. Starting July 1, the Wolfville Toastmasters Executive Committee will be:

President: Chris Kasza
Vice President Education: Ed MacKinley
Vice President Member: Rhea Hamlin
Vice President Public Relations: Kathleen Jagoe
Secretary: Athena Koros
Treasurer: Doug Murray
Sargent at Arms: Jared Jordan

The club is incredibly excited and fortunate to have such a well-rounded Executive Committee and we look forward to the next year with the team!

New Member Profiles
Meet Doug

Doug Murray was born and raised in Nova Scotia. He moved to Kentville approximately 7 years ago.  Doug is a financial advisor, where he has to speak in front of both individuals and groups. That being said, Doug wants to be better at speaking and making speeches as required. So, he knows that being part of Toastmasters will make that happen as they are a great organization.

Meet Lori

Lori was born in Nova Scotia but spent her childhood years growing up in Canada, Europe and the United States. She is an alumnus of Dalhousie University; graduating with a BSc in Biological Sciences. Lori currently works as a Regional Director with the Provincial Government and has recently joined Toastmasters as an active member. Outside of her professional life, Lori has many interests including long distance running, cycling, and swimming.

Submitted by Doug Murray
When Communicating with Your Team
From an article by Brent Gleeson: a Navy SEAL, speaker and leadership consultant

Leadership communication is much more than the words we say and how we articulate what we want our team to “hear”. Effective communication is also about emotional intelligence, knowing your audience and active listening.

These are five tips that we should all try to follow in our day to day lives:

Be present: be engaged with your audience no matter how trivial the conversation, this shows that you care.

Ask the right questions: the right questions will foster productive and intelligent communication between you and your team members.

Speak less, listen more: actively listen to those speaking; leadership is not about standing on a soapbox shouting orders; the less we talk, the more we learn from those around us.

Work on emotional intelligence: this is not the “softer side” leadership quality; be self-aware, disciplined, emphatic, and calm under pressure- these are all learned capabilities which take time to learn and master.

Stay calm and positive: calm is contagious, so is panic. So, smile and carry yourself with confidence, do not wear your emotions on your sleeve.

Congratulations is in order!
The month of May has been a busy month for Wolfville Toastmaster members! Joaquin and Laura got married in Spain this month, as well as Tara and her partner, Danny.

The club sends their best to the newlyweds and we look forward to having them back at club meetings.

June 3 & 17
Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Greenwood & Dartmouth
TLI’s are open to all club members, so please let the Executive Committee know if you are interested in attending.

June 10
Special Saturday Wolfville Toastmasters meeting 10:00am-12:00pm
For those interested in presenting a speech outside of our regular club meetings

August 23-26, 2017
Toastmasters International 2017 Convention
Vancouver, British Columbia

Feedback and Submissions Welcomed
Any feedback, comments, ideas and/or submissions please contact:
Emily Konrath, Vice President Public Relations at vp.public.relations@wolfvilletoastmasters.com

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