August 2017 Newsletter

August 2017 Newsletter- Wolfville Toastmasters

Advice From Members
10 Tips for Terrific Table Topics
From an article by Christopher Cox, DTM, taken from the July 2017 Toastmasters Magazine

  1. Don’t Panic. Remember everyone in the audience has been in your position and wants you to do well.
  2. Buy Time. Give yourself time for your nerves to calm down and for you to think of something to say.
  3. Go with the first idea that comes into your head. Sooner or later, an idea will pop into your head.
  4. Express an opinion, right at the start. Unless you’re a beginner, try not to give a long introduction. Answer the question or express an opinion instead.
  5. Remember the rule of three. You can put some structure into your speech by breaking it down into three main points that justify your opinion or reinforce it.
  6. Remember the six honest serving men. You can develop your arguments by using British writer Rudyard Kipling’s “six honest serving men” (what, why, when, how, where and who) to trigger ideas in your mind.
  7. Know when to stop. Try not to ramble your way through a long conclusion. Recap your answer, and main points of your speech, finish with a punchy ending and hand it back to the Table Topics Master.
  8. Prepare something in advance. Use the theme of the topic or meeting to suggest a framework for your speech, a style of delivery or a direction to take it in.
  9. Draw on your own experiences. When you’re given a Table Topic ask yourself if there’s anything in your own experiences that will answer the question or illustrate your argument.
  10. Be Eccentric. The best table Topics responses are often those where the speaker avoids a serious or conventional answer, and instead tries something unusual or entertaining.


Keep doing Table Topics. Finally, keep practicing. The more you do it the less nervous you’ll become!



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